Tuesday, February 4, 2014

General information about visiting Copenhagen :)

Assalamualaikum semua,

I am back! I will just go straight to the point about my visit to Copenhagen last weekend. I did mentioned about Copenhagen being in the Scandinavian countries, didn't I? Little did we know when we started our journey, Scandinavian region could be extremely cold during winter. So if you are planning to visit this place in the next winter, you better think twice! T___T

So, hari Jumaat lepas, kitorang naik train pukul 11.20 am dari Graz ke Wien Meidling. From there, we need to en-route to Renweg to catch another train to Vienna Airport for our 5.25pm flight to Copenhagen. Sounds complicated kan? Jadi lah jugak drama berlari-lari kejar train hahahaha. But we made it there to the airport with a plenty of remaining time before boarding. Phewwww.

Selfie inside train. Graz-Wien Meidling.
Kesian suami saya sebab terpaksa layan gambar cenggini. kehkeh :p

Lepas dah siap solat dekat Vienna Airport
They provide a proper prayer room for all religions. So takde masalah tempat solat. :)

It took us around 1 hour 20 minutes to reach Copenhagen, and bila sampai je sana, we took a direct train to Kobenhaven Central Station. We purposely booked a hotel which is near to the main station so senang nak gerak pegi mana-mana. Omena Hotel yang kitorang duduk ni dalam 5 minit je jalan kaki dari main station. Recommended!

See Omena Hotel at the back.
Yes it was still snowing there. 

Lepas dah letak beg apa semua, kitorang terus keluar nak jalan-jalan kawasan sekitar tengok suasana malam dekat sini. There is a Hard Rock Cafe near the main station, so if you're an avid HRC merchandise collector, this place suits you best. There are plenty of hotels around here, pilih je nak yang bajet ke yang mahal. Semuaaa ada kat sini. :)

Gambar wajib tanda dah jejak kaki ke HRC Copenhagen.

Lepas dah jenguk HRC tu sat, we walked on to the City Hall area, it was much to our surprise that the city was soo lively. 7E bersepah-sepah every 100 meters, convenient store pun bukak sampai lewat malam, restaurants, kedai kebab halal semua bukak sampai lewat malam. You don't have to worry a bit about getting foods at night. But errr, I think you do have to worry especially when you don't want spend so much money on unnecessary things because the food prices are damn expensive. ;O

Night life at the city centre

One of their famous buildings. Danish products are written all over it.

Lively place even though night is getting late

Seriously, tinggi gila living cost kat sini. Luckily I bawak beras, telur, serunding dengan sambal ikan bilis for this trip. Pastu ada jumpa maggi dekat halal groceries near our hotel, so, we survived by just eating them for 2 days. Hotel yang kitorang duduk tu pun ada sediakan microwave, so senang la nak masak nasik, telur, maggi apa semua tu. Lepas ni memang nak kena cari hotel yang ada microwave, boleh jimat banyak dari segi makan. :)

Usually, tempat pertama yang kitorang akan tuju sebelum mula jalan-jalan is the Tourist Information Counter. Kita boleh ambik map dekat situ, then start planning on where to go next. Nak pegi mana dulu, nak naik apa, semua kena plan betol-betol. Memang dah study dalam internet sebelum pegi tu, tapi bila dah sampai, mesti lain jugak jadinya. So map dari information centre tu memang sangat-sangat berguna!

Kalau nak jalan-jalan pulak, I suggest you to buy a city pass that will cost you 75 Kroner each. You can ride on all public transports (bus, train and metro) for 24 hours. Tapi make sure tempat-tempat yang korang nak jalan-jalan tu berada dalam Zon 1-Zon 4. But don't worry, semua tempat menarik ada dalam zon yang sama. Memang tak habis berjalan punya lah. Rasanya untuk pusing satu bandar ni, at least 3 hari baru cukup. Kalau setakat sehari memang dapat yang utama je la. Yang lain-lain semua tak sempat. huhu.

Left: City pass for 24-hour. 75 Kroner
Right: Single pass valid for 90 minutes. 36 Kroner.

Ehhh belom masuk bab jalan-jalan lagi dah panjang macam gini? I think I better separate the Copenhagen story into two entries. Takdela korang muntah membaca kan? Kali ni kita masukkan cerita general je. Next I will tell you more about the places we have visited. See you soon. Tata :)

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