Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aussie Trip 2015 :: My Convocation at University of Wollongong


Hari ni I nak update gambar-gambar masa convocation yang lepas. Sebenarnya takde la beria ambik gambar sangat pun. Pagi-pagi dalam pukul 8am, sampai je uni I pegi ambik documents dekat student centre and terus diorang pakaikan jubah siap pin apa semua. Kalau bukak tu memang tak reti pakai balik la nampak gayanya. So, sementara tak ramai orang lagi, kitorang terus bergambar dekat kawasan sekitar je.

Terkilan sikit sebab ada a few tempat dalam kawasan uni yang I tak sempat nak pegi as time did not permit. But it's okay, asalkan ada gambar untuk kenangan pun dah ok dah. Ohh, bila tulis enrty ni, I teringat I ada update satu entry about my friends yang dah graduated a few years back. And to my surprise, Allah swt has granted me with almost EVERYTHING that I wished for back then. Sesungguhnya DIA Maha Pemurah dan Maha Pengasih. You can read HERE for the details if you like. :)

So, let's enjoy the photos, shall we? :)

UniBar. My frequent hang out place. Teringat chips dengan wedges kat sini sedap gila.

Stairways to the duck pond. Again, another nice place to chill out with friends.
Pekena coffee and sandwich sambil tengok orang memang best. :)

Laluan hari-hari untuk ke office. Rindu.

My husband. I couldn't thank him enough for being very supportive all this while.

My parents. Their prayers sustain me in everything I do.

They complete my life.

I hope I brought smiles to their faces.

Simple ceremony. But very meaningful to me. :)

What I conclude here, perjalanan PhD setiap orang memang takkan sama. Ada yang cepat, ada yang lambat, ada yang mudah, ada yang payah. For me a few pieces of paper that I received that day were only a symbol that my PhD journey has ended. What I treasure the most is the values I gained in the process of completing it. I didn't regret of doing it but if you ask me to do another one, thank you, but NO THANK YOU. :)


Anonymous said...

Mira,jelesnya.he2.xsabaq2 nk habis..gud luck dgn baby!!

Anna NoCah said...

congrats Dr

Unknown said...

Congratulation dear...muahhh...

SEO Expert Pakistan said...
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amirah said...

Zuria: Thanks. All the best to you! :)

Nocah Anna: Thanks. Semoga semua dipermudahkan untuk anda jugak. :)

Kema: Thank youuuu!! Mai Penang habaq tau. :)