Sunday, August 15, 2010

Panic Attacked


Do you realize that I'll be going back to Malaysia in 3 weeks time? So, I went to Sydney to buy a few things for my family yesterday. Nothing much. Just some things for their keepsake. Tapi tak bole la cerita kat sini. Tak surprise nanti.hehe..:p Tapi yang wajib beli mestila coklat. I think one third of my luggage will be filled with chocolates later on. Hmm, nak kata coklat kat Aussie ni murah sangat tu tidak la. But the fact that all Australian dairy products are undeniably delicious is very very true.

Half of the chocolates!! Yummy yummy..=))

Chocolate, fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, ice creams or anything to do with dairy, you just name it, you won't say no to any of them. Kalau la boleh bawak balik semua ni memang I angkut nak bagi my family rasa. Tapi melampau la kalau sampai nak bawak balik ice cream or cream cheese kan. Comfirm orang imigresen yang scan bag I tu ingat I manusia jakun. So, adik-adik kat rumah, kakak bawak balik coklat pun ok la ye..=))

Btw, let me tell you a secret, I lost my debit card yesterday. What is a debit card? Hmm, the concept is almost similar to credit card. But you can only use the card provided that you have certain amount of money in your savings account. I love the system because I don't have to bring cash with me all the time. Kadang kadang kan, dalam purse I tinggal 5dollar je tapi ada hati melangkah masuk ke butik Guess. Sungguh berani kan? But no worries mate, I have my debit card with me. Ececeh, berlagak gila bunyi nya.hehe..:p However, the usage of debit card is still not widely applied in Malaysia, whereas here you may find people using it even only to buy fishes and veges at groceries market.

Okay, back to the above title, the moment I realized my debit card is not in my purse, I became panic. I was about to pay something at the counter when I noticed that the card is not there. Masa tu dah gelabah tak ingat la kan. Standard la Amirah, pantang kena situasi macam ni, memang cepat menggelabah. After 30 minutes of failed searching, I decided to call NAB Bank to block the application of the card and at the same time apply for card replacement. Everything was succesfully processed within 15minutes of conversation. One thing I like about their system, the person in charge asked me, "Do you still have enough cash with you at least until you receive your new card? If you don't, we could send our ranger to get you some money".

Look at how their service treats someone who has jut lost her card. Cool huh? Siap boleh hantar orang nak kasi duit kot2 kalau takde duit untuk seminggu. Kalau kat Malaysia, siap kena charge lagi kalau nak buat card baru. Mungkin ni salah satu perbezaan servis negara yang dah maju dengan yang sedang menuju ke arah negara maju. Harap kualiti servis di Malaysia akan mencapai tahap yang macam ni satu hari nanti.

TETAPI!!! Nak tau apa yang lawaknya? Lepas semua proses siap, kad tu muncul semula. Haihhhh!! Rasa macam nak gigit gigit je kad tu lepas tu telan. Puas hati.huhu. Saja nak buat orang panik la tu. Nak tau kat mana dia menyorok?? kad belakang gambar kat dalam purse. Dia tak pegi mana mana pun. I yang salah letak. So people out there, whenever you overcome situation like this;

Rule #1: Do not panic
Give yourself some time to think about the best thing to do at such situation. In my case, I was very panic until I didn't even realize that the card was actually there. Hiding!! I surely learn something from you, naughty card!!

Rule #2: Focus
Do not change the location of your card. Ever! Focus while taking out/slipping in the card from/into your purse.

p/s: This is not my first time encountering panic situation like this. Tiap-tiap kali pun mesti menggelabah. Dah tak larat kena marah dah rasanya.hehe. Sila berubah ye Amirah. Awak tu makin besar, bukan budak-budak lagi..:p


MHazrat said...

sy sokong....

amirah said...

Awak sokong statement yg mana satu tu ha encikkk?? Mcm boleh agak je yg mana satu.huuu..