Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Enjoying a Wonderful Day

Dear diary,

How is your day going? Mine is wonderful so far. I woke up immediately when the alarm clock rang in the morning and of course I gave in to the desire of staying some more minutes in the bed. You do know how pleasant it is to cuddle under the blankets, especially on a cold morning, don't you? That's why I will give myself at least 5 minutes of golek golek session every morning. Best!

Owh, I picked up a new positive habit very lately. Everyday I will try to find a way to spend some time reading outside from my working space. I occasionally did that before this, especially when I started to feel so intense while reading. Some readers can't concentrate when there's any noise around them, while others can read anywhere under almost any conditions. So, if you don't know what your ideal conditions are, try reading in different locations. You may find that you have several great reading spots.

For my case, I found it fun to spend about one hour reading at the park, on the grass, under the trees or by the pond. All I need are some tidbits to munch, reading materials, a piece of draft paper, and a pen or pencil, then I'm ready to experience something different through my reading session.

Chips with gravy.. munch! munch!

My reading materials and draft paper

Did I ever mentioned that my uni is actually surrounded by so many big trees? Masa mula mula sampai dulu I rasa macam duduk dalam hutan. Pokok pokok hijau yang sangat besar siap dengan bunyi binatang (ke serangga eh? I have no idea) yang macam kat dalam hutan tu. Walaupun banyak pokok besar camtu, tapi persekitaran sangat lah bersih, susah sangat la nak jumpa daun daun kering bersepah. Nak tengok bukti kenapa I cakap macam hutan, ha, tengok video kat bawah ni, dengar betul betul bunyi alam sekitar yang sangat menenangkan.

The reason why I love studying in Wollongong

Tapi sambil membaca, sempat la jugak buat benda laghaa.hihi.. Standard la tu kan. Mana boleh concentrate membaca macam tugu negara. Ada je benda mengarut yang I akan buat. Hasilnya, gambar kat bawah ni. The ring that has been on my finger since couple of years ago. He is wearing the exact same piece as well. For us, these couple rings are something precious that can never be replaced.

The ring

The secret behind the ring

p/s: The secret of living your life happily; Remember to smile more often during the day. Not the artificial smiles, but the ones that come from inside you. Smiling sometimes helps to make you and other people feel happier. So, why not give it a try?

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