Saturday, January 22, 2011

The day he turns 26

Dear diary,

Today marks Encik Faizal Amri's 26th birthday. Eh, rasa macam baru je sambut birthday I yang ke 25 hari tu, hari ni Mr Bf pulak dah tambah lagi satu angka. How time flies. Bercinta jarak jauh ni memang agak mencabar dari segala segi. But Alhamdulillah, we went through everything without so many difficulties. Thank you Allah for everything. He knows more than all of us.

If you ask me what are the reasons for me to love him, I say nothing. I'm very certain that I fall for him for no reason. Really.

So sayang, if you want to know the MAIN reason, I think I could only say this:


With this, I would like to wish you

So darling, here's my heart. Please take care..=))

From me, with lots of love,



MHazrat said...

BEST romantic... i'm loving it...

amirah said...

this is the least I could do being in this long distance relationship.. well, it doesn't really matter, as long as the message is delivered, that's more than enough..=))

diana a.k.a melon said...

sooooo...sweett..hope you will be together soon..amin...

amirah said...

Thank you..aminnnnn..nak ikut jejak langkah membe2 lain gak..=))