Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hunting for a new pair of boots

I seriously need to get myself a new pair of boots. I used to have three pairs before this. One has worn off, one has been sold, leaving myself with only one more left. Cuaca yang makin sejuk and hujan yang tak menentu buat I rasa tak sabar nak beli lagi satu.

Once upon a time at Pebbly's Beach. Me wearing my favorite mid-calf boots

The thing is, I couldn't really make up my mind on which type of boots should I go for this time. I always love the mid-calf length but I'm eyeing for the knee length at the same time. Urghh.. Susahnya jadi perempuan. Cerewet gila!

My knee-high boots that has been sold

I know that the length of your boots is a personal choice, but there are some golden rules that you need to follow whether you want to go for the ankle, mid-calf, knee or even thigh length boots. Tak boleh nak belasah sesuka hati je ye kalau takmau jadi fashion victim.

Ankle boots
It is a great alternative to shoes but I personally think they look nice with trousers. Very funky footwear when worn with tights and skirts. But please please avoid wearing it with long skirts. Nanti kaki nampak pendek and you tend to look frumpy and matronly. Oh no!;O

Grey look good on anything, don't they? [photo courtesy]

Mid-Calf Boots
A unique cut that looks great with skirts of all lengths as this style accentuates your calf muscle. This is my favorite of all. Tapi!! cutting macam ni mungkin sesuai untuk orang betis kecil atau sederhana. Kalau betis yang agak besar, mungkin kurang selesa untuk dipakai. Please go for options okay.

I want this like so badly but I'm pretty sure the price is wayyy over my budget.. Duhh!! [photo courtesy]

Tall Boots
The classic knee-high boot. Haaa, I'm admiring this cut at the moment. It looks fabulous and very versatile. The point is, please ensure that the boot fits snugly around your leg. Memang cantik if worn with jeans tau. Wear them over the top if they are skinny or under if they are a bootleg cut.

Aikk, apehal tetiba cakap pandai pasal boots pulak minah ni. Giving out tips is so not me lah. I nak berangan sorang-sorang dah la ye. Susah-susah nanti I pakai je boots Phua Chu Kang. Dari jauh kalau nampak kaki kuning berjalan tu tandanya I la. Mesti you pusing ikut jalan jauh tanak terserempak sebab malu nak say hello kan.hahaha.


aimy said...

I bought one already.. and aiming for another one.. hehehhe.. gila tamak kan?? susah lah duk sini..asyik nak shopping jer..tisk2..hehheheh

amirah said...

hahaha.. same la kite aimy.. ade hati nak beli lagi.. tp standard la tu perempuan kan.. kat sini je bleh pakai.. so, guna la peluang..=))