Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hydrangeas bloom in my room

Dear diary,

I went to work at Susan's crib just like usual today. All the chores were completed earlier than expected so I decided to spend some time cleaning her driveway.

While I was busy sweeping all the dried leaves and petals on the ground, I was amazed upon seeing a little touch of bright purple colour at one corner of her garden. They are Hydrangeas. I think they are beautiful old-fashioned type of flowers.

According to Susan, Hydrangeas really love sunlight. They will keep blooming until the end of summer and produce a large bushes of round flower heads. So dalam satu pokok tu akan ada banyak tompok-tompok bunga yang besar-besar. Cantik.

Large bushes and round flowerheads

These bushes come in a variety of colours with shades of cream, white, pink, blue, mauve and purple. The colour will depend on the acidity of your soil. Yang dekat garden Susan warna putih, baby blue and purple.

Close up. Purple, white and blue petals in one bunch.

Lepas dah belek-belek hydrangeas tu, tiba-tiba Susan masuk amik gunting and cut a few bushes for me to bring home. Ohhh, I'm flattered. She knew that I love flowers. Now I have a large bouquet of hydrangeas arranged in my room. Bangun tadi tengok kanan nampak bunga segar, indah sungguh perasaan tu..=))

Lovely hydrangeas bouquet in my room

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