Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goodbye Penang, I will miss you

Dear diary,

Time passes without me noticing and now I need to go back to Australia in short. As I am counting days and weeks as they passed,  now I just need to look forward to the time when I am going to come back again. For good.

With a ring on my finger, and promises forever together, here come the challenging days ahead that both of us need to treasure. Hopefully we will be alright. We sure will. InsyaAllah.

His and hers

Ohh by the way, today is going to be my last day in Penang. Hmm, tak best tak best! I'm so gonna miss this place like very badly. I have been spending my pleasant time here for the past few days, and tiba-tiba esok dah gerak ke KL. Mencik!

Tapi semalam I puas hati sebab dah dapat melunaskan keinginan tekak nak makan Mee Sotong Padang Kota. Or we just call it Mee Pata instead. I believe most people will like it especially to all food lover. Dengan gabungan Coconut Milkshake and Cendol semangkuk, memang jadi hidangan terbaik lagi-lagi masa cuaca panas! 

Thirst quencher
Coconut Milkshake & Cendol

The famous Mee Pata
You try it then you know it

Perfect much??

Lepas dah puas makan kat situ, boleh jalan-jalan dekat Gurney Drive. Then kalau nak shopping boleh pegi Gurney Plaza dekat jeee. Hamboi kau promote tak ingat ye Mira. hahaha. So if you happen to go to this area, please please please la singgah yea! Tapi jangan lupa ajak I sekali!! =))

Mee Pata, checked!!=))

Okay, that's all I guess. Kalau sempat before balik I update lagi, if I don't, see you in Wollongong!! Till then, tata.. :)


asfahani said...

mee pata ni yg opposite bank2 tu ke?hujung padang?

amirah said...

Yg hujung padang dekat playground dekat dgn entrance fort cornwallis. Dalam tempat macam foodcourt lama. Pegi tau jgn tak pegi. Mesti takkan menyesal.hehe..

Wawa T said...

rindu makanan kat penang.. penang is food heaven.. cendol tu kena try lepas ni..

amirah said...


couldn't agree more. mmg makanan kat penang sedap2 kan? cendol tu mmg kene try tau!! mesti takkan regret punya lah..=))