Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My long lost green family

Dear diary,

Did I ever mentioned that one of my current favourite colour is green? On top of that, I also love any other soft colours that I think will look quite friendly to my skin tone.

Nak dijadikan cerita, hari ni I pakai a green long dress to uni. I belasah je match kan dengan purple cardi and green scarf. Not my usual combination of colours. Tapi cukup untuk nampak macam sebatang pokok berbunga warna ungu yang sedang bergerak. hihi.

So anyway, when I was walking alongside the duck pond just now, there were these two green creatures came to me and claimed that I am their long lost princess. I was like, "What??"

Rupa-rupanya diorang cakap camtu sebab I nampak hijau macam diorang, The King & Queen of Green. hahaha. They were looking for the greenest person for the whole day and finally they spotted me as the greenest and I was given chance to be treated like a Green Princess for once. Lucky much huh?

Both of them are really Eco friendly and not to forget very colourful at the same time. So I bole agak lah kenapa I kena jadi Green Princess tu kan? Eco friendly and colourful just like them. Ciss!

Tapi ok lah jugak, I dapat a few green cute items and was invited to take family photo together with the King & Queen. Ha, elok sangat lah tu. Dah macam Shrek, Fiona and their baby. Keluarga Hijau yang amat.

Queen, Princess & King of Planet Green
Selamat muka I tak dihijaukan jugak. Phewww~


fArhAnA said...

ahahahha.. that green lady! ada time orientasi kan? hehe

amirah said...


Yup2!! dia ada masa orientation kot. Ni diorang ada lagi untuk early registration. hehehe..