Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three important events in a row

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hari ni nak mengadu how the weather has been teribbly cold lately. Dah macam mid winter dah pun padahal baru je Autumn. I don't really like it when I have to wear thick clothes and put my wool socks and sneakers on. Summer dresses, sila lah masuk bawah katil, winter jackets are taking over your place on the racks from now on.

Ohh anyway, it was my parents' 29th anniversary yesterday. To add into the list, today is my younger sister, Fatin's 23rd birthday. And I also noticed that it has come to the third year since I first wrote in this virtual space yesterday. So triple celebration yeay!! =))

To mum and dad, I don't seem to have enough to say for all the joy and happiness throughout the years we have you as our parents. For all the thoughtful things you do, you both mean more each day to each and everyone of us. May the two hearts entwined forever in such a loving way. 

Love of my life
Haji Azmi Mansor & Hajjah Kartini Abdullah

To my sister Fatin, you deserve tons of happiness, joy, love, gifts, hugs and blessings on your birthday today. I might not be there to share all that with you but you know how I'm dying to. Happy Birthday sister for life!

Me and my sister, Fatin Anisah

And finally to World Around White Admiral, thank you for all these memorable three years. I am so grateful to be the owner of this space! Come what may, I hope my passion for you will remain. =))

In case if you still wonder what does White Admiral means. A butterfly it is.
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