Monday, July 2, 2012

Beautiful memories keep you going


It is only 10 minutes past 11pm, and I was all ready to go to bed before I decided to have something written in here first. I am now sitting on my bed, staring at my computer screen with my swollen eyes and suddenly it feels like dejavu. Amboi sejak tengok cerita Aqasha nyanyi lagu Butterfly sedap pandai pulak guna perkataan dejavu. kehkehkeh. Eh, serius ni, rasa dejavu.

Teringat-ingat je ayat Kak Fish masa dinner tadi. "Akak tau, balik kang ko masuk umah je mesti nangis dulu sebab takde orang, lepas tu ko update blog sikit, and terus tido sambil  mata bengkak", she said earlier. And suprisingly she was ALL right!! See, sometimes other people could understand us more than we actually do.

I miss these girls.
Mala, Fatin, Aimy and Laili

Snowy Mountains 2011

Aidilfitri 2011

Football match Malaysia VS Australia 2011

Punya la masa bawak kereta on the way balik tu, I said to myself, balik nanti terus tido, balik nanti terus tido. But the moment I stepped into my house, huwaaaaa, sedihnya rasa!! And once again, I failed. hahahaha. Amirah ohh Amirah, your age is more than quarter of the century already, and you keep crying some more?? Adoiyai!!

So I gave myself half an hour untuk layan perasaan a little bit and that was it. Hari ni sepatutnya gembira sebab Alhamdulillah, there is a promising milestone in my research progress and I need to focus more after this. Ingat, ada two important things nak kena submit before 12th and 16th July, so jangan nak buang masa lagi dah. Keep on going, everything will turn out smooth, insyaAllah.

Till I have time to come back again soon. 
If not, don't miss me too much yea! :)


aimy said...

I have all these pics in my room!!! Actually I have a lots of fatin and your pics bertempek in my room tau.. See! How i miss u girls so much... dont worry dear... Fatin will be back soon... dia pi tak sampai sebln pon... bg amy jumpa dia plak...:) I'm waiting for my turn to see you plak... how I wish all of us can hang out together... :( MISS YOU!!!! :(

Fish's Kitchen said...

dah agak dah.........

amirah said...


2-3 bulan lagi our turn pulak jumpa2 okay! then next year all of us will be back in malaysia for goods!! seronoknya yeay!! :)

amirah said...

Kak Fish:

hahahahaha. You were totally right!!! kunun taknak nangis. failed!! haha. anyway, I feel better now. sementara nak biasakan sehari dua je. lepas tu ok dah.hehe. :)

aimy said...

Kak Fish : Bila dia tepon semlm... dgr suara pon tau dia nangis.... ish2.. Mira2... hehhehehheheh..:P

Fish's Kitchen said... di atas tu tak nangis ke smlm jejak kasih??? hurmmmm.....