Friday, March 26, 2010


Dear diary,

How is it going for you? I'm not in the mood of doing anything now. Yeah, I'm at my office. Working out on Camassa-Holm equation as I need to find both numerical and analytical solutions for this equations. It is damn hard you gotta know that!! I've been working on the same sort of problem for almost two weeks. But here I am, still empty handed. Luckily Tim will not be around until next week. Otherwise I would feel like killing myself out (way of exaggerating of course, you know i'm not gonna do that..:p).

The ideas are already there but I do not know on how to execute them. I don't even know on where to start. Should I solve analytically using the Modulation Equations first or is it possible for me to start with the 2nd Order Implicit Finite Difference Method for the numerical solutions?? Bluerghhhh!!!! I really had no idea on which one comes first.

I know that I could solve all the solutions separately cause in the end I just need to make sure that both solutions come in good agreement. But the thing is, whenever I started solving the analytical solution, I will automatically think on the the numerical methods and vice-versa. Gosh!! I should have focused on doing one thing at a time despite trying to do both things that I knew is definitely far beyond my will. Focus please Amirah dear!!

p/s: Okay, dah puas membebel untuk diri sendiri. Back to work Amirah. Owh, one more thing, shut the internet connection off pleaseeeeee sayang...:p

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