Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fortran VS Maple

Happy!!Happy!!Happy!!I'm sooo happy today!!
Ok,now I can spill out everything. I went to see Tim just now (after 2weeks of not seeing him because he was away somewhere in Morocco or whateva). Well, I did checked on him yesterday, unfortunately he wasn't there. I really2 Need to show him my pile of "unsolved" works; stucked programming, a few Mathematical terms that I never heard in my life, half-derived numerical solutions and never ending reading materials.

So, I tried my luck again this morning straight away after I arrived at my office. I went to his room and could see the door was slightly open. Finally, he was there, yes!!!! I knocked on the door and he answered. Eventhough I was a bit nervous to see him without anything that I can be proud of, but I don't care. If I didn't see him today, I'm going to get my works abandoned for another 1-week because tomorrow is the start of Easter break.

I asked him a few silly-but-not-so-silly questions and showed him printed output of my stucked programming. He commented a few things here and there. Dalam hati ni dok menyumpah2. Nape die cakap laju sgt nie??? Dah la aku ni tak pandai bahasa Inggeris. Berpusing-pusing otak nak paham ape dia cakap. Pastu nak tangkap slang kampung Wollongong ni pulak. Aduhai..masalah2. Rasa macam bengong pun ada. Rasanya balik nanti Mesia nanti makin bengong English aku dok terikut2 Aussie accent nie.haisshhh!! Ok, that was exactly what I felt everytime I went to see Tim on our weekly regular meeting. Too bad rite..=(

Okay, that's not the point. Here comes the happy part. After he explained all the things that I need to do next, he said something that made my heart blooms like a balloon.hehe.. He said, "Well Amirah, should I give you my program written in Fortran so that you could use that as a guideline in solving yours?". Omg, he actually offered that?? Is this for real?? I still couldn't believe my ears hearing that. So I straight away answered him before he change his mind, "If it is okay with you, I would LOVE to have that". I stressed the word LOVE there. Dalam hati dah dok meloncat2 tak tentu arah dah. yess, yesss!!

You know what sweetheart?? It took me almost a month to come out with a couple lines of programming for this Camassa-Holm equation. And still, the result is wayyy too far from my desired output. So when he offered his program for me to refer and come out with my own programming using Maple, I felt sooo relief. At least I don't have to waste my time doing things that I'm not sure about..

p/s:Okay, that's all about my happy, happy day. Hari ni nak balik cepat, nak masak, nak makan!!yummie2!!=))

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