Friday, April 16, 2010


Assalamualaikum Encik Diari,

Hari ni saye dgn bersemangatnye jalan kaki datang ofis dan bertungkus lumus buat keje sampai x sempat nak panggung kepale..(ok ok,I tipu..sempat check emails and FB and download satu lagu..teeheee..). Well, u know Friday is my meeting day with beloved Tim rite..So, right when the clock struck 12noon, I proudly walked to his room. Hoping to get all my problems solved. Ketuk punye ketuk, nobody answered. It was really silent in there. Hmm, he must be at the coffee area or restroom, I mumbled soundlessly..

I decided to wait at the hallway so that I would be able to see him in case if he comes back. After a couple of minutes of waiting, one of my colleagues who's working under the same supervision with Tim passed by. (and honestly I forgot his bad..sighss..). Dengan bangganye saye bagitau mamat tu yang saye sedang menunggu Tim. Suddenly, he told me that Tim is not around since last Tuesday and until next week.

Uwaaaaaa!!!rasa mcm nak jerit2 je.. It's not his fault though. Right after that guy told me that, then only I remembered reading Tim's email mentioning on his absence this week..tu la Amirah, lenkali nak buat pape fikir dulu..jangan main serbu ikut dan jek..kan dah frust.. Ok, sila ikut tips di bawah untuk hilangkan stress ni.ehehe..:p

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That's all about my frustration today. Kejap lagi ade appointment dgn Kak Emy lepak2 dekat Picasso. Regular hot chocolate 3 days in a row. Good job Amirah!! Sila jgn complaint kalau muka makin kembang..ngeeee..(^_~)

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