Sunday, April 25, 2010

Indigeneous Australians


Today I'm in the mood of sharing something that I think you have no idea at all (because I never told you so.ehehe..:p). This is about the original inhabitants of the Australian continents, or INDIGENEOUS AUSTRALIANS. This Australian aboriginal culture can claim to be the oldest living culture on the planet. Hmmm, is it true?? Maybe..

Pst, pst, sebenarnya mat salleh yang konon2 cun and hensem kat sini bukan la penduduk asal bumi aussie ni pun. pendatang je..hehe.. Care to know on how the origianal Australians look like?? Check this video out..=))

p/s: This video was taken during Diversity Week as what had been mentioned in my previous entry. Look at the way he moves his ass. Horror jugak kot2 kalau kain merah (cawat la tu kan) mamat yg dok terloncat2 tu tertanggal. Hohohoho..:p

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