Friday, April 23, 2010

Diversity Week

Good afternoon!!

Ciannye die asik kene tinggal sorang2 je lately..Blame me..blame me..I'm sorry okayy..But now I'm back!! Happy aite?? I know you will..=)) By the way, have you ever heard of Diversity Week in UOW?? I don't have any idea on what it is all about only until I got myself involved in this thing. This is the week when we celebrated the huge diversion in races, ethnicity, religion, origin, sexuality, gender, abilities and disabilities etc. As a proud Malaysian, MAS (Malaysian Association for Student Club) decided to join this activity in a way to promote our delicious Malaysian foods. So, on 21st April 2010, rakyat2 Malaysia di Wollongong sangatla berbesar hati sebab dapat lepaskan rindu dgn makanan tradisional, pakai baju kebangsaan, dan yg paling best, lagu2 berkaitan dengan negara kita berkumandang dengan bangganya di UOW..=))

My day started as early as 6am that day. I went to Kak Emy's house to prepare our famous karipap and burger Malaysia. Owh, all my way from my house to Kak Emy's, I think I looked like an alien walking around with my kebaya on. Apa tidaknya, pagi2 orang lain keluar jogging, dog walking, gardening and so on. I pulak jalan kaki dgn pakai baju yg bagi diorang sangat lah pelik and x sesuai dipakai di pagi hari. One of them said, "What a stunning dress you have full with embroideries (mula2 ayat manis puji la dulu kan). But don't you feel awkward walking in that skirt??" HAMPEH!!! kain batik tu dipanggilnya skirt. iyola pakcik!! I can't blame that pakcik though. Ye la, for them, wearing something like that early in the morning is something weird and unusual. They all had their jumpers, track bottoms, sweat shirts and even pijamas on, only me did the walking in my "alienated" outfit.

Kain batik yang dipanggil skirt

Bukti yang saya dok uli doh karipap..=))

Ok, back to the program, we set up our booth exactly at 12noon with all the delicious kuih displayed, Malaysian flag was proudly hanged, Malaysian songs were played, and colourful traditional dress worn by the committees. Owh, saya sungguh bangga!!! It really made me missed my beloved country. Start je event, booth Malaysia la yang paling ramai orang serbu. Free foods sapa yang tamau kan. Ada kuih bakar (Kak Azreen), seri muka (Kak Yati), popia basah (Kak Hajar), kuih sagu (Kak Faie), puding labu (Kak Fai), donat (Kelly), karipap and beger Malaysia (Me and Kak Emy). Yang paling best adalah teh tarik yang disediakan oleh Kak Yati and Abg Ariff. Paling mencabar nak terangkan kat mat salleh pasal ni la. Kitorang ckp nama air tu "pulled tea". hahahaha. padan muka dorang kena klentong!!:p

MAS executive members. Back row from left: Ilyas, Mira, Mad, Rauf. Front row from left: Jiwan, Fendi, Kak Emy, Baem. (Aint we look colurful??)

Quarter of the foods

Fendi while demonstrating our "pulled-tea"

The crowds

More crowds

Lepak2 lepas abis event. This is autumn people. the weather was just so perfect!

p/s: Being a Malaysian is something that I'm proud to let other people know. We're so rich in everything. Cultures, foods, places of interests and many more. Btw, all the pictures are taken from Kak Emy's FB. Thankss!!

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