Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heart Theraphy

Hello sweetheart!!

Just to let you know that I feel better at this moment. I went out for retail therapy just now. Right after zohor, I went out to the mall and straight away made my way to Angus & Robertson Bookstore. I grabbed three books but they are all not for me. I bought a biography book; LIVING LARGE: The world of Harold Mitchell, From a sawmiller's son to multi-million dollar man for my big brother. I know he is really interested in reading this kind of book. Then, Wife in the Fast Lane by Karen Quinn for my future sister in law. A funny story about a superwoman carrying a few tough responsibilities on her shoulder. And another book, Easy Cupcakes for Nadiah. I could feel the way she's really fond of owning this book, that's why without hesitation, I bought this 160 pages guidebook for her..=))

I didn't stop just there. I kept wandering around the mall until my legs brought me to girls favourite shop that sells trendy and colourful accessories. At first, I have no intention of buying anything there. But then, my eyes stuck at a silver pendulum pendant necklace hanging at the end corner of the shop. Omg, I have been looking for a pendulum pendant since last year but I never found anything so close to what I wanted. But this time, though it is slightly different to what I have been imagining, it somehow caught my attention and I straight away decided to buy it for myself. Finally, after more than a year of carefull searching, I now own a long necklace with pendulum pendant.. Happy..=))

With 3 books and a necklace in my handbag, I continued looking for something else. And I ended up buying 2 new turtle neck t-shirts for me.hehehe. White and jasper green to complete my collection. Owh, sungguh puas hati rasanya. Tak kira la berapa banyak baju yang dah ada, I beli jugak. Yang penting I puas hati. Mind you, baju murah murah je okay, I tak reti pakai baju mahal mahal. Nanti gatal gatal. Tapi kalau orang bagi free comfirm tak gatal.ahaks..:p

Hasil tangkapan hari ini.hehehe..:p

After 2 hours at the mall, I still didn't feel like going back home. So I took the shuttle bus to the beach. Is walking alone at the beach sounds strange to you? No rite? However, when I was sitting alone at one silent spot at the beach, reading my novel, appreciating the chilling ocean breeze, there was a couple (at their golden age) stopped by asking me whether I'm alrite. "Why are you sitting here alone, love? Don't you have somebody to accompany you?" the lady asked me. "I do have somebody but he is not here with me. That's why I'm sitting here alone appreciating our long distance relationship". I answered with a smile on my face. And suddenly the lady hugged me close to her, asking me to take care of myself before she left. Perasaan masa tu?? Terkesima. Sungguh!! After one hour at the beach, I went back home, feeling A LOT better. Tapi sempat singgah beli Fish n Chips kat Lavendi dulu. Well, you know me. Makan haruslah diutamakan.hehehe..:p

p/s: Masa that old lady tu peluk I, rasa terharu sangat. Nak nangis pun ada jugak tapi berjaya tahan. Senyum tu wajib la kan. Nama pun Amirah.hehe. Okay, honestly, RINDU~~ Fullstop.


nanad said...

awww kak mirahhh! thanx for the book! im so flattered... and happy!! thanks thanks thanks! hehe. btw, i would do the same exact thing if i were the lady... i mean, the answer that u gave was waaayyyy more touching than her impulsive reaction. sedey kot bg jawapan cmtu? huhu..

amirah said...

Glad that you like it..=)) hey, i'm looking forward to have a cozy afternoon tea at your very own cupcake cafe tau!!!may it all be true..aminnn..
hmmm,bunyi mcm sedey ka??alamak,my intention is to show that i'm emotionally and mentally strong!!salah skrip la pulak.hahaha..well,bila jiwa kacau camtu la jadinya.ngehngeh..:p

nanad said...

awhh insyaAllah, one day.. hehehe...
lolz.. err siyes? so ur reaction doesnt really sync with ur true intention. perhaps u need to work on ur impulsiveness.. if k.mirah ta btaw nad, i wud've thought that u were havin a tough time coping n dealing with the distance. hehe. so moral of the story, dont lie to ur heart. haha. aci ta? ngeh3