Friday, October 1, 2010


Hello! Hello!

It's October now, welcoming the midspring of Australia. The flowers are in bloom, the weather is suppose to be warm, but not in these very few days. The wind is very very chilling, just like the one we had during winter. Urghh, I sungguh tak suka sejuk. Baju tebal tebal. Berat! Well, the month of October begins with a public holiday, Labor Day, on the first Monday of the month. Ensuring a long weekend early in October. Yayy!! Yang ni I suka.. Senyum sampai telinga..=))

However, there is another thing which I really really don't like. The first Sunday of October will be the starts of Australian daylight saving time, also known as Australian summer time. It is the practice of advancing clocks one hour during the warmer months when the day is longer than the night. It will only ends on the first Sunday of April the following year. Omg, daylight saving for another 6 months is a real big difficulty for me. Sighs~

Kenapa I tak suka daylight saving time? Sebab masa tu perbezaan masa antara Malaysia dan Australia akan jadi 3 jam. Susah la I nak skype nanti. Orang kat Malaysia baru sibuk sibuk nak dinner la ape la, I kat sini pulak dah nak kena membuta.. Aduhh, sungguh tak best! But what to do. Survive je la nanti ye. I experienced it last year and it happended to be so hard for me to adjust my time at the beginning. But after a while, I'm used to it. Hey, banyak pulak komplen tau. Yang tu suka, yang ni tak suka. Dah nama pun duduk negara orang, belajar la sesuaikan diri. Sudah, jangan banyak bunyik!

Actually, tujuan I menulis hari ni sebab nak share satu lagu. Tapi tiba tiba banyak pulak benda nak mengomel. So, let us get back to the main point. I just can't stop listening to this song over and over again for the whole day. Kalau la itunes ni boleh bercakap, mesti dah lama dia suruh stop. Bosan dok main lagu yang sama je. But who cares. It's my playlist. Suka hati I la.hehehe..:p

p/s: Owh, I'm so inlove with this song. Tenang. Tak sakit telinga. Lirik pun best. And now I want to dedicate this song to my beloved one.. This song means a lot to me..=))

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