Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walk with me, anyone?

Good day sweetie!!

I started walking to uni since last week, after a few months of not doing so. I gradually discontinued walking since late autumn and during winter, I stopped the activity permanently. Cari pasal je jalan kaki sejuk sejuk tu. Ada yang mati keras kat tengah jalan pulak nanti. But then, when the weather now looks a little bit promising, I started walking all again. Best pulak dapat jalan kaki pagi pagi pegi uni. Good on me, my health, my weight, my fitness as well as help to lose my unnecessary body fat.

For some people, they love all the tough physical activities in order to improve their good health. As for me, physical activity does not have to be too vigorous. I tak mampu la nak paksa diri jogging kat padang bola 5 round tiap tiap hari, atau main badminton 2-3 game sehari. Tak reti main badminton pun. Asik kena kutip shuttle cock je nanti.huhuhu.

My regular excercises now include intensive aerobic classes (BAT and BodyBurn) two times a week, cardio workout once a week, and now I will walk to uni for 20minutes everyday. Cukup la tu untuk maintain the fitness of my body. Jangan ajak I lumba lari tau!! Nanti orang lain semua dah sampai, I pulak berenti bawah pokok berehat dengan nyamannya. Kalau ajak I jalan kaki kat botanic garden, sembang sembang, I'm totally in it.hehehe..:p

Why walking interesting? Well, everybody knows walking is a low impact activity requiring minimal equipment. Pakai baju apa pun takpa, yang penting kasut mesti selesa. Jangan la jalan pakai 6inches heels, tu cari penyakit namanya. Walking can be done at any time of the day and most interestingly, can be performed at your own pace. Kalau agak agak panas, I bawak la payung, ala ala makcik makcik yang balik dari pasar tu.hehehe.

Satu lagi kan, masa berjalan tu jugaklah biasanya masa untuk I berfikir. Ye la, sambil tengok rumah orang yang cantik cantik, bunga warna warni, kereta lalu lalang, tenang je rasanya. Paling best kalau terjumpa couple at their golden age, jalan jalan sambil pegang tangan, cakap manja manja macam tengah bercinta. Sweet sangat sangat!! Pemandangan macam tu sangat biasa kat sini. Tapi kat Malaysia jarang sangat jumpa. Why? I have no idea why.huhu.

Ain't this golden couple looks lovely? Very much inlove. I like!=))

p/s: The benefits of walking can also be achieved when shopping. A good stroll around shops for a few hours can still help burn off some fat stores. Ha, sape cakap orang pompuan malas eksesais memang nak kena gigit! We are all good in this tau! So, to all ladies out there, in order to support fat burning mode, more window shopping may be good for this! =))


Anonymous said...

mira ... I couldn agree more ...!
It's also rare in Indonesia that Golden-Age couple walk together in park ...

the only age in which a couple walk together is when they're expecting their first baby ... if I see a pregnant women walk alone in the morning ... it should be her second child wannabe ... :D

walking is also relief stresses and the only way to make a peace with my own mind ... (the old way is smoking :D )


amirah said...

Yeah, you're right about the golden couple. It is amazing to see how different their culture compared to ours rite. This is one example of positive value that we should bring back to our home country.

About the pregnant mummy walking alone is true too.hahaha. I wish mine wouldn't be too bad. Need to apply all the good things that I learn here otherwise it will be such a waste experiences..:p

p/s:The benefits of walking are wayyyyy better than smoking which has nothing positive at all..