Sunday, April 3, 2011

Azra Sofi's birthday celebration

Hello dear,

I was invited to attend Sofi's birthday bash today. Owh, I love birthday parties as they always filled with fun, joy and happy faces. The best thing about this party is, it was all themed in black, red and white hues. So everybody was kindly asked to dress up in any combination of these colors. Fun wasn't it?

As soon as all the invited guests arrived, the celebration started with doa recitation from Sofi's father, just before we had our pleasurable time indulging into tremendous amount of foods prepared by Sofi's mum, Kak Suzana. We had nasi beriyani, roasted chicken, kari dalca, mee goreng, fresh homemade pizza, and a long list of yummy desserts and sweets.

Shortly after that, it was time for cake cutting ceremony. There were not only one, but two birthday cakes prepared by Kak Shikin. We gathered all around the birthday girl and as usual, sing a birthday song for her. Being the centre of attraction for today, Sofi looked just like a little princess in her gorgeous black dress.

To add into the fun, we played a game right after that. Poisonous stick. Everybody was included, no matter kids or adults. When the music is played, we need to pass around the stick and when the music stopped, the last person who hold the stick need to pick anybody and ask that person to do something. Very easy, but we had a whole loads of fun laughing and singing around.

Before we went back, it was time for the princess to open up all her presents and looking at her happy face admiring all the gifts, making me feel like going back to the good old time, when I was still a cheerful little girl like Sofi.

Pretty 4-year old Sofi

Then, the celebration ended shortly after that. So, to Kak Suzana and family, thank you for being such a warm host. All in all, we really had our great time. Till we meet again in any other event.


suzz said...

Waaah..cepatnya update..hehe..thanx Mira :)

And thank you soooo much for being here, for the pressie, for the black n red attire , thank u, thank u!

p/s:It's Azra Sofi actually hehe

amirah said...

Alamak, terbalik rupanya.. Azra Sofi.. okay, noted.hehehe..

Birthday party yang best. Suke!!=))