Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello from Snowy Mountains

Dear diary,

I'm already on my holiday trip to Snowy Mountains by the time you read this. It is Snowy Mountains re-visited by the way. I have been there last year, and it was such an incredible excursion all I could tell. 

From left: Me, Syaril, Kerol, Kash, Kak Emy, Farizal

Tahun lepas rombongan disertai oleh Abang Sham & Kak Emy beserta dengan 5 orang anak instant. I, Syaril, Farizal, Kash and Kerol. Memang havoc jadinya bila semua budak sengal dapat parents angkat yang sporting gila. haha. 

Tapi tahun ni peserta rombongan ada tukar sikit. Yang maintain hanya I, Farizal & Kerol. The new members are Rauf, Rem, Aimy and Mala. Kami jugak akan konvoi dengan family Kak Fish nanti. So, this time there will be 9 adults and 2 toddlers altogether. Yay!

I wrote about our journey in HERE and my first snowboarding experience in HERE for personal record. For me, the whole trip was very very interesting. So I personally hope that this year's experience is gonna be much more exciting than what we had last year.

Till then, see you soon after I come back. 

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