Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pergi air terjun masa winter memang terbaik!!

Hello Mr Diary,

Do you know that Australia is not only famous with its spectacular coastal areas? And have you ever thought that it also has a series of stunningly beautiful waterfalls all around the country? Well, for your information, one of them is located not very far from my place. Carrington Falls.

So a few days ago, I dengan kawan-kawan pergi picnic dekat situ. Yes, I know. It sounds crazy. Pergi air terjun masa winter?  Memang cari pasal. But it was not too bad afterall. Especially with the help of bright sunlight filtering through the trees.

The famous Carrington Falls

This place also has a grotto (ala-ala artificial caves) and pools deep enough to swim in. It is called Nellies Glen. Tapi takde sape pun yang nak cuba cecah badan mandi dalam tu. Itu cubaan berani mati namanya.Baru letak hujung kaki terus rasa kebas gila. Sejuk nak mati!

Indahnya ciptaan Allah swt

Lepas isi perut masing-masing yang kelaparan, barula kitorang mulakan sesi menjelajah kawasan sampai la ke satu pool yang dipanggil Blue Pool. Cantik. Sangat cantik! Alam hijau yang mendamaikan complimenting the fresh, cold and free running waters. Simply perfect!

Cubaan jejak kaki ke dalam Blue Pool. Freezing! Numb!

Okay, I guess pictures tell more than words. So, have fun looking at the following photos taken from Aup's and Kak Zarin's camera. Please click on the photos for better view yea!=))

Me and my multi expressions at the Blue Pool

Sumpah susah gila nak lepas part ni.
Air sejuk gila, batu slippery.  Very challenging!!

View from top of the fall. Cantik! 

Dan bermacam-macam aksi dari semua orang.

Caught in action

Sebelum keberangkatan pulang

That's all for my latest update. Carrington Falls is another must visit place if you come to Wollongong. And thank you everybody (Aimy, Kerol, Ungku, Kak Zarin, Rem, Rauf, Kan) for the lovely accompany cherishing this wonderful half day trip.


aimy said...

I had a great time too.. thanks to you guys too.. we should do this more often.. :)

amirah said...


Totally correct!! Sangat best especially bila dapat accompany yang best.. We will definitely do that again some other time..=))