Friday, October 21, 2011

A bird without wings


What a very bright day today. Panas sungguh!! The temperature goes up to 27 degrees. The highest for this week after a series of a long chilly weather. Bila cuaca panas macam ni pemandangan nampak sangat cantik. Langit biru, daun hijau and colourful flowers. What more could I ask for? Everything seems to be so perfect.

Except for myself. Should I blame it on aunty flow who came to make her visit now? I had a sleepless night. The stomach cramped really bothered me from midnight until early in the morning. The first cycle of pain was about for 4 hours, then I managed to sleep for a little while before the next cycle came. But I felt a lot better in the morning. Alhamdulillah.

The pain was one thing. Unstable mood is another thing that I need to deal with. Sangat cepat terasa walaupun dengan benda-benda kecik. Owh, saya tak suka perasaan macam ni. Knowing myself yang memang tak reti nak luahkan, maka simpan ajelah sampai perasaan tu okay sendiri nanti. Macam tak biasa pulak pujuk diri sendiri kan? Pity you lah wahai hati.

Owh, malam tadi ada mimpi something that I couldn't recall what. It's a strange feeling having your heart remember something that your mind cannot. Dah cuba nak ingat pun tak dapat jugak. Takpelah, let it remained something that the heart will always fond of. :)

Apa agaknya perasaan jadi seekor burung?
Simbolik yang berlawanan dengan kehidupan seorang ''amirah"

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