Thursday, October 6, 2011

My new camwhoring buddy

Dear diary,

I'm not used to taking vain photos of myself. You know, yang macam budak-budak zaman sekarang suka buat tu. Bulatkan mata, moncongkan mulut, amik gambar dari angle atas so nampak cute. Aaaaa, tak boleh blaaahhh! 

Kalau tengok semua gamba yang I ada sangatlah membosankan. Tak creative langsung. Samaaaaaa je gayanya. Kalau candid je la kot yang lain sikit. The rest semua very typical. The same boring wide smile pose.

But off lately, everytime I see this little girl Huda, I never failed to capture every moment I spent with her.  Seeing her gorgeous smile, my heart simply melts. Looking at her deep gaze through her pair of beautiful small eyes, sangatlah menusuk kalbu. Cairrrrrr!!! No need to cakap banyak, you have a look yourself.

Introducing the adorable Nur Aliah Huda

She looks like a polite rockstar dressing up like this

But she can also be cheeky at times
Yes, it's a big fat flowerhorn landed right on top of my nose.. T__T

My attempt to smile without showing my teeth. Fail.
While her's, very charming.

Me (still with my flowerhorn) and other marshmallows of my eyes

I actually miss my own Ainul Huda (my youngest sister) at home. I told this Huda about her, and she keeps asking me to tell more about my sister since then. See, now I have two Hudas in my life. How lucky I am. :)

Ainul Huda. Kakak misses you so badly.


Sophie Al-Yahya said...

she's so sweet..

ala, tak payah tangkap gambar vain begitu. tangkap gambar yang nampak natural. nampak lebih ikhlas. Boleh terasa keikhlasannya. Aww~

Sophie Al-Yahya said...

oh silap. both of you are sweet actually =)

amirah said...


Thank you Sophie dearie. Haah kan, gambar biasa tu lagi comel sebenarnye. :)