Monday, October 31, 2011

Older than time


Today is the last day of the 10th month in year 2011. Indicating that October is leaving us in the next couple of hours. Without me noticing, it ends sooner than I ever expected. And believe me, the next thing we realize, 2011 will then be another year in memory.

Ohh well, speaking of memory, I lost my dearly loved and favourite earring last Friday. It might sound like a small problem but still, it brought tears to my eyes. Why? Sebab subang tu mak yang bagi. Nothing in this world could ever return the love that tangled alongside.

Another side of you is now gone

Hmm, I don't know what is wrong with me. Hari tu hilang cincin yang mak bagi. Sekarang subang pulak. Also from my mum. What's left now are only gold bracelet and gold necklace with ruby pendant. Itu ajelah harta yang I ada sekarang. They are old, but to me, they can never be older than time. Simbolik huh? :)

Being typical me, I sangat susah nak terima kenyataan kalau hilang sesuatu benda pemberian orang. I bet everybody feel the same rite. I know tak ada benda dalam dunia ni yang kekal, but still, I will try my very best to keep everything as long as I can, especially the ones that people gave me. Tapi tu lah, sebaik-baik mana pun kita jaga, kalau jodoh tak panjang, tak ada rezeki jugak. Terima aje lah kan.

So, I think I got to get myself a new pair of earring now. Huduh sangat rupanya bersubang sebelah. Tapi kalau tak pakai rasa pelik la pulak. Nak beli sendiri tapi tak reti nak pilih. Biasanya yang orang pilih tu will look best on me. Maybe kena tunggu sampai balik Malaysia nanti lah agaknya. So, here's another thing to include in my wishlist.

Simple and classy looking hoop earrings
[photo courtesy]

Ball on leverback earrings. I love something like this.
[photo courtesy]

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