Monday, November 28, 2011

My summer holiday will be in Malaysia yay!!

Dear diary,

It is that time of the month again. And I had my stomach cramped very badly. Even if I pretended not to care, the pain decides not to leave just yet. Okay, ignore. Please ignore. Tak sakit tu bukan perempuan la namanya kan. :)

Anyway, have I told you about my holiday back to Malaysia? No? Guess what? I have finally got my ticket purchased. Yahuuu!! However, the price is insanely expensive I tell you. T__T Ohh come on, holiday season it is, what do you expect? So jangan banyak bunyik lah. 

I will be going back on 7th of December until 16th of January. 5 weeks. Longest for the record. Dah setahun tak balik, so kali ni nak cuti puas-puas. I miss home like very badly already. Jap, dah lupa macam mana arrangement perabot dalam rumah. haha. Dasar! :p

I think I am lucky this year because I'm going to get escaped from the hot summer breeze here. Kepanasan yang boleh cecah 40degree sape boleh tahan beb? Hopefully by the time I balik cuaca dah kembali normal. Kalau tak, masak kulit ni berjemur.huhu.

Tapi tapi tapi! I know I'm really gonna miss this place. This is somewhere I would call home apart from Malaysia. I love the warm people, the fresh air, the weather, the cleanliness and lots more. And most importantly the beautiful beach. Wollongong beach has it's own speciality that you need to treasure yourself. Do come here, you might fall in love.

Sound of waves. Very much relaxing.

p/s: misteri mimpi syakila, talking to the moon, the scientist, part of the list, bintang di syurga, wonderwall. They eased my pain away. 


Anonymous said...

weee...bestnya....rindu nak shoping kat jalan TAR....nak beli shawl and tudung apa kan daya...sob sob...have fun sista

Anonymous said...

opppss lupa lak...
it's me..1925 ;P

amirah said...


Alamak, tak boleh nak recall sape la.huhu. sori sori. whatever it is, kalau ada apa2 nak pesan sila la ye. nak tolong pi shopping pon boleyyy..=))

Anonymous said...

keh keh keh...tak kenal tak juga berselindung di sebalik nama ini...hihi...

wahh boleh pesan ya? ermm tolong shoping kan shawl...heee (",)V


Sophie Al-Yahya said...

u nak balik malaysia? i target nak pergi australia bulan july!!!!!! (^__^) to adelaide. winter trip. jap, winter kan time tu? cousin i bagitahu.hihi..

amirah said...

kak syaza:

gotcha!! ehehe..meh2 nak kalau nak pesan pape sila buat list. nnt mira pi tolong shopping. takde hal punya lah..=))

amirah said...


yesssss! nak balik dah and i'm all excited.hehe. ohhh, u're coming over? besttttt!! kalau ade extra time nak panjangkan cuti, meh la sydney skali. i will show u around.. =))