Monday, February 13, 2012

I vow you to see THE VOW

Dear diary,

Sejak dua menjak ni, Wollongong asyik hujan je. Hujan pulak bukan yang sikit-sikit. Lebat yang amat sampai banjir kilat dekat beberapa tempat yang agak rendah. I was lucky because my house is all safe and secure. Masalahnya satu je, tiap-tiap kali hujan lebat mencurah-curah, mata ni pun sebokkkkkk jugak nak mencurah-curah. Haihhh!

Anyway, siapa dah tengok cerita THE VOW? Rasanya Malaysia belom release lagi. Kat sini baru je release Jumaat lepas. And I dah pergi tengok dekat Greater Union Shellharbour dengan Aimi, Fatin, Kerul and Ayei.

Giant Coke dekat Greater Union Shellharbour
Aduhh mata sembab baru lepas hujan. kihkihkih.

Okay, jom sambung cerita pasal THE VOW. I found this movie to be worth watching. Seriously. Walaupun nampak macam other typical love stories with predictable ending, but there are some reasons why I love this piece. Antaranya:

1) Channing Tatum (the hero)

Tipuuuu lah kalau tak fall in love dengan hero kan?? ngahahaha. But seriously, ada satu part masa dia dah hampir give up nak pulihkan ingatan wife dia, he was at his recording studio alone, main gitar, then menangis. Sooo vulnerable. Melting.

I cried when he cried in here.
He succeeded in making me fall to the softness of his voice

2) Philosophical Movie

Most important characters in this movie share their theories on life and love. They really made me think about my own life. Marriage, interests, family, past life and many more. Semua ada falsafah sendiri yang kita boleh kaitkan dengan hidup kita.

3) Inspired by a true story

Cuba bayangkan, satu hari kita bangun, one partner suddenly became a stranger to the other. Sebagai suami, nak kena usaha yakinkan isteri yang mereka ni asalnya pasangan bahagia, sedangkan isteri pulak, with her memory wiped clean, her husband becomes nothing but a stranger to her. Complicated kan?

Overall, it is a fun date movie. Sometimes it captures our emotions but there are times when it fails to do so. Tapi dalam banyak-banyak watak, I think the only perfect role dalam cerita ni only Rachel Mcadams sebagai isteri yang hilang ingatan. Yang lain-lain tu still ada flaws here and there.

p/s: Walaupun cerita ni keluar untuk Valentine's Day, it doesn't mean that I support that celebration. No, not even a little bit. Kebetulan aje ni sebab Australia dah release last week lagi. Takde kaitan dengan Valentine's Day pun. Yang baik sama-sama kita ambik, yang buruk kita buang ye. Peace no war!=))


MHazrat said...

awat la loqlaq sgt pic tu... hahahahaha

amirah said...


Gambaq hat mana satu yang loqlaq tu?? Poster movie tu? Channing Tatum yang ensem tu? Or giant coke 2 ketoi tu?? hehehehe..:p

Asma Liyana said...

hey amirah !
firstly, im not a blogger.but i found your page when i type,"the vow". ;D
well,anyway. sy minat sgt2 channing tatum ! ;DDD
im looking foward to watch this movie !! mmgkin lusa kuar dkt cni nk final exam !! ;((( so, cm xley tgk je kn.
anyway. tryla tgk Dear John.Channing Tatum blakon gk.he is so sweeeeeeeeeettt!!!!! or you can check out the Nicholas Sparks.;) hope you'll enjoy it !

Asma Liyana. ;)

Asma Liyana said...

hey,me again.
um,i would like to suggest you to watch The Lucky One,an incoming America, it will be released on 2oth april,if im not mistaken.;) It features Zac Efron.dy cte sal a marine dat found a picture in a deserted place, Iraq.and dat photo frequent gives him luck.n his friend told him dat he owe dat girl in the picture.and after he went back to his homeland, he went on a search to find the girl in the picture.;)
it is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks,again.
haha~ he really produces great novels.
um,u can find me at facebook,by the name Asma Liyana.
gee~ hehe~

amirah said...

Hai asma liyana!

Thank you for dropping by, err, twice!! U should watch this movie. Memang best! Tapi of course la macam other love stories jugak. hehe.

I've watched Dear John before! memang best pun. Channing Tatum ni mmg bole buat orang fall in love kan.hehehe..:p

Okay, nanti I try cari cite The Lucky One pulak. Thank you for sharing tau!! I really enjoy watching love stories.hehehe.

Anyway, I dah cari u dekat FB. Tapi macam ada banyak Asma Liyana pulak. Tak berani la nak add suka hati je. U can add me up thru my Fb link from this blog okay.. =))