Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fixing my weight dilemma

Assalamualaikum wbt,

How's your Saturday everyone? Mine is not too bad I suppose. My day started as early as 7am this morning, I did this and that this and that, and here I am now, lying on the bed do nothing just like a queen. Huhh! Queen lah sangat. haha.

Anyway, I just got back from Kak Fish's house with a clearly visible full tummy! Seriously, damn full! Kalau lah perut ni boleh bercakap, rasanya mesti dia mintak ampun suruh I stop eating right there and save some space for tomorrow.

Mula dengan pizza sebagai breakfast, lepas tu pergi Little Amirah's Birthday Party (anak abang Din and Kak Su) I makan nasi beriyani kambing dan kuih muih and finally I had a big portion of ikan bakar cicah air asam dengan sotong goreng tepung for my dinner. ;O

Jakun jap bila datang birthday party ada jumping castle
Zaman aku dulu main lompat2 kat atas katil je.huhu.

Lepas tu!! The moment I stepped on the weighing scale when I got home just now, it freaked the hell out of me!! Oh no, I strictly need to reduce the heavy food amount for tomorrow and more work out need to be done. Sometime I thought I don't really care about this, but I actually do. Well girls~~, who doesn't rite?

Too bad I'm slightly overweight for this hammock.. :(


aimy said...

naik kejap jer tu... lepas amy blk aritu ada turun tak?? kalau tak turun gak.. bukan salah amy yg masak slalu lah kiranya... hehehhe

amirah said...

Lepas diet yg KONON-KONON, now dah back to normal. Just gotta maintain. hehe. Anyway, rindu Amy masak lah! huhu.