Friday, June 15, 2012

Cuddle chemically with my mum is the best stress relief

Assalamualaikum wbt,

How's everyone doing today? Seronok la tu dah nak masuk weekend kan? Mesti semua orang dah siap plan macam-macam apa nak kena buat hujung minggu ni. Seronoknya. huhu. While there is no more weekends for me here, all I have to do is to keep working, working and working until I complete all my research things. Yeah, I know it sounds boring! But I treat that as the most interesting thing happening to me now~

You know what, I woke up this morning feeling like eating one big plate of sushi on my own. Entah kenapa mimpi sushi ke apa malam tadi, bangun-bangun terus rasa nak makan sangat-sangat. So, I siap laju-laju, terus pergi kedai Okuma Sushi & Korean kat dalam uni, opted for salmon & avocado, and indulged myself into at least half of the pack at one go. Hambik kau 8 ketul sushi bersama salmon dan avocado berenang-renang di dalam perut sekarang. Now that my tummy is happy, I'm also very happy. :)

Salmon & avocado sushi. Nyam nyam! :)
[photo courtesy]

Shortly after that, I called my mum and talked to her for almost one hour. I don't know why but everytime after I talked to her, the feeling is so good. Padahal bukan cakap apa sangat pun. Cerita pasal adik-adik, mak pergi mana, mak makan apa, mak buat apa? All that made me feel really close to her. I literally agree with the fact that mother's voice has the same effect as her hug. Thank you to those who invented mobile phone and skype! I use both technologies to the maximum all my time abroad.

Speaking of which, I left my iPhone at home today! And I started to miss that valuable of mine already. Huwaaaa! As far as I could remember, this is my first time away from my mobile phone this long. It's okay, I challenge myself not to care too much about that. It's only a mobile phone remember? Not that you left your nose at home and walking around with people staring at your face without your nose. Itu baru lah scary. Missing your mobile phone for one whole day won't give you any harm, Amirah. So, cheers!

p/s: But still, it is not just an ordinary mobile phone. It is more or less like a small, rectangular box that keeps all my treasures. :)


aimy said...

Fatin tak wat sushi ker???

amirah said...


I'm not sure if Fatin has bought that sushi maker or not? I don't think so kan.hehehe. Beli je senang sebab teringinnya sekali sekala aje. :)

aimy said...

she did bought it. The item arrived when i'm still there and address to ur house.. tak tau lah kalau dia dah hantar pulang... ayat standard kita lah mira... beli takder kasih cayang... :)