Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Witnessing the transits of planet Venus across the sun all over from Australia

Hello Venusian and Martian!

Here's a quick update on one remarkable thing I experienced in University of Wollongong this morning. I witnessed the transits of venus across the disk of the sun. And to make it more interesting, these transits are among the rarest of predictable planetary allignments and only happen in pairs of 8 years for every 105 years.

See the the big orange circle and the black dot?
The black dot is planet Venus  travelling across the sun

Boleh bayangkan tak, I tengok peredaran planet Venus merentasi matahari pada tahun 2012, at the age of 27 years old. If I want to experience such celestial phenomena again, I gotta wait for another 105 years, and by that time, I will be 132 years old. haha. Nobody lives that long. But we can't really tell though. If the Almighty says so, who knows? :)

The telescope used to see the transits

Okay, back to the story, your location determines whether and when you can see the 2012 transit of Venus. As for Eastern Australia, we are lucky that the entire transits are predicted to be visible for a rough five to six hours. But too bad the weather is not on our side today. Baru je nampak peredaran for a few minutes, there comes the clouds blocking our vision and both the sun and venus become all invisible. And it keeps happening over and over again. 

But it's okay, as long as I've got chance to witness the phenomena, that could be one of the most interesting experiences I ever had here. The uni provides us with two giant telescopes and everybody is allowed to peek through them. The experts are also there to provide us with further information about this whole phenomena. From zero knowledge, now I'm proud that I have a little bit of understanding, and I am interested to dig more about this.

An expert Professor from School of Physics.
He explains about this whole phenomena very well.

Kak Fish in action

This is what the telescope shows us.
The black dot is clearly visible if the clouds aren't thick

We are two proud Malaysian watching the live transits all over from Australia.

Ps: Bila cerita pasal planet Venus tiba-tiba teringat buku Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Now that the Venusian is visible from the Earth, I wonder when will the Martians be?


Sophie Al-Yahya said...

Wow!! this is soooo interesting! You are so lucky to be able to watch the phenomena! Ehem! *tengok but tu macam terbayang adakah saya akan berbut bila further study nanti?* heheeee..

amirah said...


Why not? Sangat comfy tau especially bila musim hujan. Agen penyelamat seluar dari basah.hehe. Plus kalau pakai boot kat mesia mau berkuap kaki sebab panas. So bila dekat tempat yang sesuai, jom kita pakai puas2! :)

MuMMie BeRRy said...

salam ziarah & kenal, feel free follow k

amirah said...

BeRRy MuMMie:

Thank you for dropping by berry mummie. Yeah, I have followed your blog as well.. :)