Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Decade Long Love Story :: Amri & Amirah

Today marks a decade of long love story between Amri & Amirah.

It was MRSM Beseri that brought them together. They started as two high school strangers who got interested into each other but never had the guts to let each other know about it. Two years in high school ended with nothing. Only their love sparkled from within.

Their 17-year old MRSM Beseri's Yearbook Photos

Then fate brought them closer when they are destined to continue their degree level in UTM Skudai, Johor. On 9th July 2003, Amri asked Amirah out for a lunch date, and from there, they continue as a lovebird for the next couple of years until today, 9th July 2013. For ten years.

However, being together meant being apart in their love diary. After 4 years in uni life, they reluctantly made to agree with a long-distance relationship by only seeing each other some times in a while for nearly 2 years. He started working while she continued her Master's Degree at the same university.

What followed was yet a longer separation for another 3 years when both of them are meant to live abroad. Abroad here means two continents apart, one in Australia and the other one in Austria. This was basically like the most challenging part for the couple. The distance and work commitment had been so tough on them,  apparently, they proudly survived.

London allowed them to see each other at the heart of the metropolitan city in September 2012.

They got engaged in December 2011, and when decision has been made, they decided to tie the knot a year later. Despite all the things they have gone through in their 10 years relationship, they now become stronger not only as individuals, but also as a couple.

On the day they tied the knot.

They promise to go through sorrow and succes
for all the days of their life

They also promise to walk together hand in hand to wherever their journey leads them.
Living, Learning and Loving each other. Forever.


You may read the full version of their love story in here:


Farah Zainal Abidin said...

Kak mira...nak ambil jadi role model leh?

Serious nie! Tabik hormat! 10 years kot! Perghh... Nevertheless, makin berjauhan "long distance relationship" makin manis and kadang kala mencabar pun ada. Have to be strong. Usaha dan berdoa, agar dipermudahkan segalanya. In Shaa Allah...

amirah said...


Yang baik boleh dijadikan contoh, yang tak elok tu jangan tau!! hehe.

InsyaAllah kalau jodoh takkan ke mana. Yang penting usaha untuk jagak relation tu je. Good luck to you!! :)

OwNnA said...

great love story yeay!10years already..may it last forever n ever. taun ni berduaa..mne tau taun dpn bertiga plak kan.ameen..hihi! ;)

Farah Zainal Abidin said...

Thanks sis! :) Yeah Din balik esok! Setahun lebih tak jumpa!

amirah said...


Amin amin amin. doa-doakan la murah rezeki ye. hehe. :)

amirah said...


haha. sure excited tu. have fun yea! :)