Monday, September 19, 2011

Doa untuk Ibu

Dear diary,

I just got back from a short meeting with my supervisor just now. As predicted, more mathematical stuffs to be done in short. Deriving, integrating, applying theories and so on, they are things that will keep me busy at least for two weeks time. That's the update for my on going research so far.

Owh btw, did I tell you about Kelly's Baby Shower event which was held yesterday? Just to keep it short, it was a huge success! We had a glorious time planning, organizing and hosting a memorable event like this especially to someone like Kelly who is such a darling sister to everyone here in Wollongong. All the laughs, and even the tears, we believe they were all signs of joy. Everybody loves you Kelly!

The backdrop

Me and stunning mummy Kelly

The white crew
(From left: Aimy, Kak Suzana, me, Fatin)

Dalam banyak-banyak benda yang related to this event, I just cant take this song out of my mind up until now. Doa untuk Ibu by Ungu. Really! I kept that song in replay mode until I fall asleep listening to the soothing melody, touching lyrics and calming voice of the singer.

Dengar dan hayati, pasti tersentuh.

Specially dedicated to my mum, I love you.

oh ibu terima kasih
untuk kasih sayang yang tak pernah usai
tulus cintamu takkan mampu
untuk terbalaskan

oh ibu semoga tuhan
memberikan kedamaian dalam hidupmu
putih kasihmu kan abadi
dalam hidupku


suzz said...

Me too! Terngiang2 kat telinga kan?!

amirah said...

Kak Su:

Sangat!!! Thank you sebab introduce lagu yg sangat touching ni. Kalau akak tak cari memang mira tak penah dengar. Best sangat!!=))