Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hati berbunga-bunga

Assalamualaikum everybody,

I woke up fresh in a very bright and cheerful atmosphere today, put on the most vivid smile on my face when I look into the mirror and told myself to be positively cheery for the whole day. I pegang prinsip tak perlu jadi Miss Universe untuk nampak cantik. All you need are truthful heart, sincere smiles, and genuine personality, then you will naturally look beautiful to many.

Hari ni I kerja dekat rumah Susan. Kerja part time cuci rumah orang saje.hehe. Ohh, I belom introduce you dekat my lady boss lagi kan? She is a very charming Australian lady living alone in her huge house. So once a week, I akan pergi buat domestic cleaning dekat rumah dia. Kemas dapur, vacuum rumah, mop lantai, cuci toilet and buat beddings. Senang kan? =)

Lady boss.  I jemput dia datang makan-makan Aidilfitri.
Suka bukan main. :)

Semua kerja I siap cepat hari ni. Since still awal lagi and I pun takde pape nak rushing, I tolong Susan bersihkan sekitar swimming pool dia. Semua pokok dekat garden belakang dah berbunga. I was sooooo exciteddd and Susan noticed how I really love them. She picked one and handed it over to me. She said, "Hey princess, here's a beautiful flower to someone beautiful". Awwww, isn't that lovely?

She gave me this.
They remain in buds till the day they withered.

I was flattered. First, yes, she sometimes calls me princess because she googled the meaning behind the name "Amirah" and she was thrilled upon finding out that it means a princess. Dia taktau ada beribu-ribu manusia nama Amirah all around the world. And this princess is cleaning her shower. hahaha. How funny. Second, beautiful to her definitely describes the inner part. And I'm glad.. :)

Puas I belajar pasal bunga hari ni. Ada Banksia, Banksia Rose, Geranium, Azalea and my most favourite is Julia's Rose. Omg, this is the first time I ever seen a very exquisite and unusual rose. The colour has a combination of brown, cream, caramel and peach. With mild fragrance and and the size is almost as big as my face. Cantek gila!!! Terus berangan nak guna Julia's Rose dekat bilik pengantin nanti (taktau bila tu). hahahahaha. Over tau!! :p 

My current favourite flower. Julia's Rose.


Sophie Al-Yahya said...

alahai..pergi australia ni salah satu target I tahun depan.huhu.. nak kumpul duit dulu.

Anyway, really nice entry. =)

amirah said...


Meh la sini melawat I. Tempat tinggal dah settle. Offer valid til the end of next year. Mai cepat mai!!hehehe..

Anyway, thanks for dropping by dear!=))