Friday, September 30, 2011

Is this Love I am feeling?

Dear all,

Have you ever been in the state of feeling weird, twisted and bad? They are all strange feelings, aren't they? I did some readings about this, and I found that it describes the condition when someone chooses not to believe the truth about a situation.

Well, I talked to one of my closest girlfriend last night. We had a long chat keeping each other's up with our latest update. So now as she requested, I finally decided to let everything written so that whatever we discussed last night will be clearly delivered to her and whoever she wants him to understand.

Let it be general here, she keeps asking herself about "Is this Love that I'm feeling?". Semua orang pun mesti pernah rasa benda yang sama kan? Maybe you have been in love, but for whatever reason, you refused to call it love?

So I think this is where strange feelings occur especially when your heart desires love, but your mind says no to that. See, nampak tak macam mana kita cuba deny satu kebenaran dengan cuba mewujudkan bermacam-macam excuses?

To my dear girlfriend, you are completely right. Maybe it was too soon after being hurt. Luka lama baru je nak sembuh, and your heart is still feeling numb, longing to rekindle a past love, so when a new love comes, you could not really recognize the feeling. Or maybe you takut you may get hurt again. I totally understand that.

All I can say is, mend your broken heart first. Kalau perlu untuk pentingkan diri sendiri, just go on. Heartbreak is exquisitely painful. There is no single injury on your body, but your heart is totally smashed out. So you really need to be strong to overcome the emotional feeling at the end of a relationship.

I rasa tak ada cara yang spesifik untuk sembuhkan luka dekat hati. It will naturally recovers when the time comes. Tapi tak bermakna dalam masa yang sama, you tak boleh develop perasaan cinta yang baru kan? Siapa tahu, the new love might be the catalyst that helps to boost up the healing process? Worth trying isn't it?

So dear, it's okay to cry, grieve and be sad, but it will get easier each day. Trust me. Keep the chance open, and I believe you will finally find a relationship that works for you. Go out and find new date yea! I love you, everybody loves you and you should love yourself more.

I need to love myself  before anyone else.

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