Thursday, November 3, 2011

And the surprise just didn't stop there


Okay, firstly, rasa over pulak nak update pasal birthday sendiri banyak kali. Maaf ye. But I couldn't stop myself from writing about it so that the unforgettable memories will be nicely engraved inside this personal record of mine.

I wrote here about the small but meaningful celebration on the night before I actually turned 26. But then, as I mentioned above, the surprise just didn't stop there. Ada lagi satu yang lagi menarik yang buat air mata terharu I keluar.hahaha. You're such a girl lah Amirah.

It was organized by the same group of people but this time Zaki and Kak Fish's family were also in the team. Well guys, you really made me feel overjoyed and grateful for the whole experience. Saaayang korang lebih (pinjam tagline Ikey). 

I was told that there were a lot of dramas happening in order to make things went all smooth as planned. I might not understand the situation as I was not there but all efforts are highly appreciated. Guess what? With all the surprises and presents, I felt like I'm 16 rather than 26. haha.

To Ungku, Kerul, Rem, Kash, Ikey:

Terima kasih banyak-banyak. Tak pasal-pasal korang kene involve in this whole party thingy. I know this is not you guys punya cup of tea. Ritual tu baru lah korang kan?? hahaha. 

To Aimy, Fatin, and Mala:

Girlfriends always know how to make the best for each other kan? Sangat-sangat terharu dengan semua benda yang korang buat. The cake, the foods, the presents and everything else, thank you so much lovelies. Hugs and kisses.

To Kak Fish (and family):

You made me cried. I really can't thank you enough. The moment when I stepped in, everything was completely surprised. Especially bila tengok cake, and upon finding out what's on top of that, I was thrilled. 

The birthday cake and the present on top
Read here to find out on what is so special about that.


sue. said...

ive nothing to give to to u kakak...T_T..sorryyy..

amirah said...


it's ok dear..update hari-hari pun dah okay. love to read your updates..=))

Sophie Al-Yahya said...

so sweet..

you must be someone with a good heart. That's why you are celebrated. haaaa..

Anyway, memang teringin nak pergi Aussie.cousin akan grad tapi di Adelaide.cuma tak tahu sempat kumpul duit tak.hihi..

amirah said...


Semua orang pun baik hati kan. So, semua orang pun patut diraikan..=))

Kalau tak sempat kumpul duit nak pegi Adelaide, sambung kumpul untuk datang sini. Offer valid until December next year.hehehe..:p