Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coffee the Australian way

Hello everybody!

Meet my girlfriends
You'll find them everywhere in this blog. haha.

I just got back from a short coffee date with my dear girlfriends at Rush Cafe. Hmm, I noticed Rush has been our favourite place for meeting since the day it existed in 2011. Believe it or not, I was not a coffee person only until I came to Australia in 2009. Their coffee culture changes my insight about drinking coffee and despite the fact that brewed coffee tastes better than the one we have at home, I have found my passion for it just here. 

But still, that doesn't make me a coffee person. Minum seminggu dua cawan ada hati nak cakap coffee mana sedap atau tak. hahaha. I normally go for hot chocolate and only when I feel like I want some chemical relief in the morning to prevent me from getting sleepy during the day, then I will opt for the lightest coffee like latte or mocha. Tu pun minum sikit-sikit sampai petang baru habis. haha.

All cafes usually have a huge coffee range from the lightest to what so called perfect strongness like espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocha, flat white, long black, with a great variety of flavours like hazelnut, caramel, mint, butterscotch, vanilla, chai and so on. And one more thing, the baristas have quite the showmanship as they normally do some cool tricks very quickly and precisely. 

Eh, ada sedikit kemusykilan di sini. Kenapa baristas biasanya kacak kacak ye? Bijak sungguh marketing strategy. Letak yang yang charming serve coffee corak-corak sambil senyum wishing you a good day, haruslah semua orang nak datang lagi. Kihkihkih. Alamak, pecah rahsia. Tak tak, tunang saya yang paling kacak. Betol tak tipu. hahaha. :p

Mocha : : Rush

Hot Chocolate : : Out for Lunch

Hazelnut Latte : : Panizzi 

Okay, that's all about coffee. Hopefully it helps to make me concentrate on my work longer at least for today. Anyway, thanks for the sticky date pudding Kak Fish! Now I need to drink a lot and a lot of plain water to naturalize all the "healthy" ingredients in the caramel sauce. Ohh my, baru imagine dia punya sedap pun dah boleh meleleh balik air liur. Hua! 


aimy said...

Kak Fish and Fatin are everywhere in the pictures.... Since saya di sini sungguh jeles... I have my own way to make me visible.. I'm everywhere in your blog's comment... :)... Saya suka Mocha di Rush... Barista yg sy suka di Panizzi...Mamat yg rambut pjg gulung2 tu... Sweet!!! :)

amirah said...


Yea I know. You'll be all over the comment section and I'm glad that you did!hehe. Sekali sekala cuci mata tengok barista apa salahnya kan???hehehe. :p