Thursday, December 17, 2009

Babysitting Baby Adam

Hye dear,

I started to miss Adam now eventho I only spent a couple of hours with him today.. Yeah, babysitting is no too bad after all.. I take it as a practice of a temporary caring for Adam on behalf of Kak Fish & Abg Azeem when they're not around.. I did it just for fun as I'm the one who volunteered to look after him if they need to go somewhere (without bringing him) .. Maybe becoz I really love to play with kids/babies I guess.. Well, as far as I'm concern, babysitting is commonly performed for extra money, stereotypically, but not necessarily, by girls/women.. but it is definitely not me.. I just want to spend some time with a 7-month sweet little creature like Adam..=))

Kak Fish sent him over at quarter before 5pm.. He started off very well-behave and didn't cry at all.. I could even left him play alone with his favorite colorful toys while I was praying and cooking. After a while, he gave me the sleepy sign by demanding me to pick him up all the time.. and I didn't even realize that he actually gotten asleep on my shoulder.. Yes, he slept on me!! What a lovely moment that time.. He woke up 1-hour after his peaceful nap and I fed him with the solid foods that have been prepared by Kak Fish.. We play, play and play again only until I realize that Kak Fish arrived to pick him up at 8pm.. Owh, look at how fast the time fly whenever we're doing something that we really love but still, I had to wave him good bye..

Adam & Stephanie, the girl next door

Look at how Adam tries to get Stephanie..=))

p/s: Dear Adam, I'd love to have you around again.. eat well, sleep well, grow up well..make your mum proud of you...=))


MHazrat said...

he so cute.... just like me... haha... kidding... well, its a good practice while real "mommy" wanna be later.....hihihihi... :-)

Thara said...

omg so cute! grrrrr. aku dah tegelak gelak dah tgk dia dudok tak stable, goyang-goyang, last last terplop! jatuh juge. keke. aydein belom pandai dudok lagi! cant wait until he can finally be able to sit + crawl! :D

amirah said...

haha..babies are sooo adorable kan!!!best sgt main dgn dia..umur2 camni mmg best nak layan..=))

ei,keep me updated with aydein okay!!esp videos..suka sgt tgk!!!hehehe..aku pinjam anak org je skrg..:p