Thursday, December 3, 2009


Dear diary,

Today I'm writing while proudly looking at my new, good-looking, gigantic, wide screen computer at my office.. Samsung SyncMaster 2333sw..It comes together with a new processor as well..these new gadgets will definitely make my simulations become faster.. I've tested it just now.. The previous computer took about 300seconds to solve my simple code but with this new operating machine, it took me only 50seconds to solve exactly the same problem..Woww!! What a huge different..Thank you to the support team for this new computer.. No more reasons like slow, noisy computer anymore after this..=)

My new widescreen LCD monitor, Samsung SyncMaster 2333sw

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It's good if I can watch movie at the office with this new monitor..segala lubang hidung orang bole npk.hehehe..But of course I can't..sighs.. There are 4 other PhD students inside this workspace.. How can I do something "interesting" like that while the others are busy with their heads-down concentrating on their research..owh, this is the real life of PhD student that I never imagine before.. Seems like I'm the only one who is "busy" with social-networking like Facebooking, Intant-messaging, etc..etc... Get back on the track dear Amirah.. You know why u're here rite... *Insaf mode*


nanad said...

simulation! coolio =))

amirah said...

yeah, life is all about simulation now..dizzy..dizzy..

nanad said...

haha. i amek simulation time sem 3 dlu.. mmg sgt memeningkan! bet urs is more complictd.. huhu